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high-flying fun

Take Flight

Flight Captains can take up to 10 guests on a flight.  Your journey begins as you ascend the stairs of TOWER 1.  One Flight Captain will go before the group.  The second Flight Captain will then send guests, one by one, across Dry Creed to the receiving Flight Captain, who is now on TOWER 2.  The team then travels in the same fashion back across the creek to the Landing Platform.

Participants wear close-toed shoes, a helmet, and a waist harness with a carabiner attached to a pulley that will be placed on the cable strung between two platforms.  You push off the platform and fly along the cable, going from tower to tower.  You will be soaring 40-50 feet off the ground, and literally flying over Dry Creek!


Special Instructions: Riders must weigh at least 60 pounds, but no more than 250 pounds.  Flip flops are NOT ALLOWED.  Riders must wear shoes that are securely attached to their feet.  Please come prepared.  All riders will be subject to a breathalyser test and must stand on a scale, this is not optional.  If you are allergic to bee stings you should have an Epi-pen with you.  Girls must have hair tied back in a pony tail, and not have dangling jewelry or earrings.  You will be required to adhere to these rules for safety.


Health Considerations - DO NOT FLY IF: you have a heart condition, you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant, you can't climb 10 or more flights of stairs, you are under 60 pounds, you are over 250 pounds.


One flight per ticket.  Each rider must complete a liability waiver prior to flying.  This waiver will be provided to you at the time of your flight.  Children under 18 must have a parent present to complete their waiver.

Alcohol use prior to and during the flight is not permitted.  Illegal drug use is strictly prohibited. 

We are not responsible for items left on Bloomsbury Farm's property.

You will be subject to proving your weight on a scale.  You will be subject to a breathalyser.  This is a ZERO TOLERANCE test for alcohol.  Do not drink within the 12 hour period prion to your flight or you may fail the zero tolerance test.