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What is a zip line?

A zip line is a cable system strung between towers on a decline.  This allows a passenger, who is harnessed and attached to the pulley, to travel from point A to point B via the cable.


When is The ZIP open?

The ZIP is open April through December, by reservation.  In September and October, The ZIP is open on Saturdays and Sundays with no reservation required, and by appointment Monday through Friday.  Please Click Here for a full list of hours.


What should I do to prepare for my flight?

Wear close-toed shoes, no sandals.  Drink plenty of water prior to your flight.  Be ready to prove your sobriety and weight.  Show up 15 minutes prior to your flight time to fill out waivers, put on gear, and listen to instructions.


How long does the flight last?

Flight duration may vary with the size of your group.  Up to 8 people will be accompanied by two Flight Captains at a time.  In October The ZIP will be very busy; lines may vary depending on the time of day.


Is the zip line safe?

Yes!  The zip line has been built by professional challenge course operators to ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology) standards and our employees have been instructed by a certified trainer.  You are harnessed and attached to the galvanized aircraft cable with not just your primary line, but also a backup safety line.  This provides you with extra security and peace of mind knowing you are protected by a backup


Is there a group discount?

Companies with 20+ guests may qualify for our corporate flight discount, please contact us for information.